Paytm Yeldi Companion Card | NFC Tap and Pay Technology

Things to Know

Your Paytm wallet syncs with this card
To top up the card, it is enough to top up your wallet
The card is priced at Rs. 100, a one-time fee
This card can only be used in Yeldi’s Authorised Outlets
The cashbacks from Paytm also reflects on
the card
This card works on NFC - Near Field Communication technology
This card is secured with a PIN
Only One card is permissible for One Paytm account
The card will be delivered at your desired address
The delivery of the card takes about 7 business days
Once purchased, the card cannot be cancelled, although if lost, the card can be blocked and new card will be issued upon request.
Currently available for Chennai Paytm users only, soon to spread across major cities.

Why you need Paytm Yeldi Companion Card?

Yeldi Paytm Card

When you have network connectivity issues during payments, your Paytm Yeldi Companion Card comes handy!
When your phone cannot read the QR Code for whatever reason,
Tap & Pay!
When your phone is just not working for whatever reason, Tap & Pay
Tap and Pay mode lets you transact in a jiffy!