HRM Suite for Startups

Set Your Employee
Management System on Auto Pilot

Let us manage your employee management system, so that you can focus on only one thing growth.


Complete Information Management
for Hassle-Free Experiences

Facilitate high-level interaction in educational institutes,
workplaces & restaurants with Yeldi Business Solutions.

Yeldi Business Solutions organizes well and that’s about it. From every piece of vital information in a school, workplace or a restaurant, it manages a zillion things like a magic wand. Be it the tiniest piece of information you need, you have it. Organize everything you have in a single place now. No more missing information, no more gaps.


A 360-Degree Employee
Management Tool for SME’s & Startups

SMEs and start-up companies like yours need an ERP tool. With Yeldi’s HRM Suite for Startups, you still can operate like an MNC with minimal budgets. That’s exactly it exists. It’s automated and figures out everything right from hiring to leaves, travel, payroll, appraisals etc. A needful tool to have for preciseness, fast information management, and record maintenance.

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Structures the Employee
Management System

When it comes to an organization and managing its employee, an efficient tool holds a great importance. Yeldi’s HRM Suite for Startups is a one stop solution for managing every bit of employee information. From the commencement of employment till the complete tenure, every single detail is structured.


Effective Training & Reorganizing

Yeldi’s HRM Suite for Startups makes training, an easy process. The inbuilt features allow phase by phase training in the shortest of time. The management can add any new things to reorganize the system. It saves time, money and resources. Awesome, isn’t it?


Happy Management, Happy Employees

Yeldi’s HRM Suite for Startups can put a smile on everyone’s face with the ease that it offers. The automation allows efficient use of its features and faster output and benefits. Since, there are no gaps in information, every single day is a happy day and every employee and staff member are happy.