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Get recash of upto Rs.3,500
on a monthly spend of Rs.10,000!



Yeldi Folks Tap and Pay Prepaid Card is here.

Tap in to a whole new world of more buying power to help you tide over the month-end budget crunch. Get the best of technology, convenience, and a month-end bonus credit, all in one single smooth and easy move – a simple tap. Yes, it is as easy as that.

Introducing the Yeldi Folks Tap and Pay card in association with the AXIS Bank. Powered by the highly secure Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the Yeldi Folks card is a prepaid card that gives you more value, every time you use it to pay. The Yeldi Folks app will help you manage your card. This card is exclusively available in Chennai and will soon be available in other parts of Tamil Nadu and the country.

It’s a lot more than
your Debit or Credit Card

Want to buy that decadent chocolate bar? Well, go ahead, just tap and pay with your Yeldi Folks card. No minimum purchase amount. No bank account required. You can also check your balance, top-up your card and transfer funds to other Folks card users.


The Card that
amplifies your Money

No more splurging, no more careless spending. Just pure money saving with a spend based bonus credit on the 27th of every month. Avail the bonus credit or select redeemable vouchers of a much higher value from Yeldi authorized outlets.


It’s highly Secure
and Easy to use

Yeldi Folks card is highly secure and your transactions are protected by a PIN. Even if you don’t have a bank account, just tap and pay on the participating stores’ NFC Aura. Easy isn’t it?


Use the Yeldi Folks App
in the absence of the Card

We have made it easy. Login to your Folks account and even transfer funds to other Folks card users.

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