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Increasing your
Customer Base is easy now

With Yeldi Lifestyle cards, increasing your customer base isn’t challenging anymore. Issue your customers a Yeldi NFC loyalty card and top it up through an NFC Aura with the advance money that customers pay you. When you load the money, you can also load a loyalty bonus - your gift to customers. This makes you their preferred store as they get more value for their money and end up becoming your regular customers.

Yeldi Lifestyle Cards
works well for your Business

Earn Advanced Float Capital

Earning an advance from your customers is quite tricky. But, not with Yeldi Lifestyle Cards. The loyalty program gets you advance from your customers, adding more value to your business. And, customers too get more in form of a loyalty bonus from your end. Your profit margins will increase with more customers buying the Lifestyle Cards.


Stand out as a Tech Savvy Brand

When you join hands with Yeldi, you have the option of launching your own app to your customer. This will make you stand out as an interactive and tech savvy brand.

The app’s functionalities will be customised to your business. The app could allow customers to pre-book their meals if you are a restaurant, schedule a pickup if you are a laundromat or book an appointment if you are a beauty salon! They can also check their past transactions, update their profiles and avail the available your latest offers and deals.


Make crucial Business Decisions through Analytics

Yeldi offers a completely customise-able robust analytical engine that can deliver information points based on over 600 findings rules. So you can easily know your top-selling products and top performing stores. You can also understand the payment preferences of a customer. Make crucial business decisions with the undiscovered business insights listed on the dashboard.


Process payments faster than ever.

Large canteens and fast food counters need a quicker payment system. Yeldi’s NFC payment ecosystem can perform up to 40 offline transactions a minute. Isn’t it the best way to make your customers happy in the least amount of time?


Works even without a data connection

It’s great that Yeldi’s NFC cards can even work in offline mode. A data connection isn’t required all the time. Another good thing about these cards are that they can reused and reissued to new customers based on initial integration and corresponding security requirements.


A versatile card for multiple benefits

Yeldi Lifestyle card can be used as an access and security card in corporates, condominiums, and apartments. Your customers will also be happy to use it in food courts, fast food counters, large canteens, saloons and large canteens.


Customer Delight Awaits You

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