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By Yeldi on April 26, 2017

5 Retailer Tips for acquiring and retaining more customers

The backbone of any business is the ability to bring in more customers and retain them in the long run. Here are 5 tips to help you increase your footfalls and increase sales.

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Train your employees

Studies have shown that people especially women are put off by bad service. Sometimes despite huge offers & discounts given by the store, these disappointed customers refuse to return due to the prior bad experience. To avoid such situations, make sure that your employees are trained in being courteous and give customers the right information when approached. They should also be trained to take down customer details if any products are out of stock and immediately follow up once they receive fresh stock. Have a special ‘customer service cell’ to handle angry customers who might be unhappy about either the product or the service. At the end of the day, having a good employee eco-system has been directly connected to increased footfalls.

Increase visibility

Constant branding campaigns will help you stay on top of customers’ mind. Social media is a fast and convenient way of staying connected with your clientele. Off-line methods like pavement standees, banners, billboards or even just a simple mascot in front of your store will attract more attention. You can participate in community and charity events, sponsor sports events or conduct workshops to increase your visibility.

Offer an experience

Go beyond just a sale transaction with your customers. Surprise them with something more, especially when they least expect it. Create experiences which will entice customers to come and visit you. Host cooking competitions or book reading events or call a celebrity to answer questions about a product or even have some kiddie events. Family oriented activities such as these, generally increase customer footfalls significantly.

Loyalty programs and discounts

Treat regular customers differently from random walk-ins. Give them an incentive for coming more often to your store. Observe what products are mostly bought by your regular customers and offer those on sale to cement the relationship further. Free samples and discount codes are also methods to keep drawing them in. Tying up with cashless prepaid cards or digital wallets like Yeldi Folks increases your chances of visibility with the company’s ability to reach out to a much wider audience. And with Recash facilities and special discounts being offered only to Tap and Pay customers, an increase in sales is guaranteed.

Accept feedback

Regularly listening to what your customers have to say and taking care of their expectations will keep them coming back for more. Promptly replying to them with a personal touch on social media platforms will build their trust in you as well as help increase your brand image. In case there is no system for feedback, create a questionnaire and conduct a survey at your store to see what your regular customers have to say.

Building your customer database is a slow and steady process. It is not how fast you bring in new customers but for how long you are able to retain them.

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