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By Yeldi on January 14, 2017

7 Reasons to Go Cashless Now!

After the new changes in the past and for an awesome today, let us welcome a new beginning on this Pongal, with open arms and embark on a cashless journey.

If you still need reasons to go Cashless, here goes:

1. Forget Bulky wallets

Yeldi - Go Cashless

Gone are the days when we carried hefty wallets and purses. People no more associate bulky wallets to bulky bank accounts.

2. Nerdy is cool

Yeldi - Go Cashless

With the innovation in technology, increasing e-commerce sites and uncountable apps that help you track your finances, why still hold on to age-old cash?!

3. Cash is not King!

Yeldi - Go Cashless

With demonetisation and new regulations from the government, guess who was least affected?

That's right, the people who adapted a cashless lifestyle. Buy, Shop, Save all using No Cash. So right now, Cashless is King.

4. Account each paisa

Yeldi - Go Cashless

With liquid cash, no one knows keeps an actual tab on the money spent. Those small holes that could sink a ship.

5. Bust Queues

Yeldi - Go Cashless

Guess what! Just save time!

6. Be A Millenial

Yeldi - Go Cashless

Learn new ways of doing what you did, without cash. And trust me, there are ways!

Going cashless is possible in India even if you don't have a smartphone or a bank account. Click Here.

Bid paper money goodbye and say hey to going cashless!

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