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By Yeldi on August 18, 2017

Secrets from a CEO’s Life

Many of you might have had a secret dream of starting your own business one day or maybe rise to the top of your present company to run it. It’s not all peaches & cream. There is plenty of hard work, setbacks in this game called life, some heartbreak, some disappointments but at the end of the day when the business grows or that big contract is signed, there is complete exhilaration & an added boost of energy. Suddenly all those sleepless nights, working late and missing some outings with friends makes it all worth it. Our company Yeldi Softcom is also one such story which has been built over the years with hard work and some ups & downs but through it all never losing heart.

Yeldi Softcom Private Limited

Our CEO Lakshmideepa is a graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Anna University and a post-graduate in Advanced Photonics & Communications from the University of Warwick, England. While working in England for an international telecom company, her father Ra. Arjunamurthy (Founder & CMD, Yeldi Softcom) shared his vision of building a global product company in Chennai. Lakshmideepa shared this dream wholeheartedly and together this father-daughter duo conducted their research and arrived on a product idea that had the potential to touch a billion lives globally. In 2012, Lakshmideepa relocated to India and joined her father at Yeldi Softcom.

In the first few years of setting up the company, Lakshmideepa managed pregnancy, child-birth, board meetings, investor pitches and product launches with élan. "My daughter Amura was just a few months old when we had our product launch. I am lucky to have a great Mom and a stellar team that helped me through it all," says this CEO of a company with clients in 6 different countries.

How does Lakshmideepa keep herself motivated you ask? Well, she is an avid reader of books authored by the likes of Constantinos C. Markides and Dale Carnegie. She is also highly inspired by eminent personalities like Warren Buffet, Martha Stewart, Walter Elias Disney and Oprah Winfrey. To keep herself up to date on what’s going on in the industry, she attends a number of forums, seminars and workshops. And in her free time, if you are wondering, she is happy to spend most of it with Amura, her daughter. While Lakshmideepa loves eating out, travelling & shopping, her fitness routine and her huge collection of Sidney Sheldon novels are a closely guarded secret! Maybe that anecdote is for another day.

There are enough inspirational stories from around the world and from around us that tell us to go ahead and live our dreams. As Nelson Mandela once said - “It always seems impossible until it’s done”

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