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By Yeldi on August 10, 2017

Defining Freedom in a Personal Context

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” – Nelson Mandela

In the light of the upcoming Indian Independence Day as well as Financial Freedom month being celebrated at Yeldi, we pause to ask ourselves – What is true freedom? While freedom of speech is one of the most touted phrases, have we all stopped for a moment to ask ourselves about Financial freedom? Professional Freedom? Freedom in Relationships? Freedom from Stress?

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Financial Freedom - We all have a responsibility to ourselves as well as the people around us to live our best lives possible where we set aside money for retirement, create emergency funds to deal with unseen calamities, small savings goals like education or vacation kitties. When planned right, we can save ourselves unnecessary borrowings, loans from banks, credit card debts with payment of excess rates of interest etc.

True Financial freedom is taking steps to ensure that we are not enslaved to paying back creditors as well as seeing to it that there is circulation of healthy money in the society & system. Steps taken by every child, parent & senior citizen will go a long way in helping society at large. Whether it is through installing the right finance app to help you through the month or cooking at home, every single step helps.

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Professional Freedom - A company grows only when employees are given freedom to express their creativity but all within the boundary of office rules. When there is a healthy debate between employees, people grow. The company grows. The liberty to voice your opinions in meetings, keeping an open mind and helping your colleagues who come from different backgrounds settle in faster, making employees feel secure during firefighting are all part & parcel of a truly free country.

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Freedom in Relationships - Market studies have shown that commitment to being honest in relationships with candid feedbacks, feeling accepted no matter what your sense of style or beliefs are, a sense of security that you are not being judged for your thoughts & principles makes one more accountable as well as inspired to do better, to try harder and to take action with no external stimuli. Freedom takes on new faces with these soft skills.

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Freedom from Stress - We all live in such fast-paced times and with technology permeating every second into our lives seem to take us further apart rather than bring us closer. While technology always has its advantages, feeling low due to life comparisons on Facebook or answering emails during family down time can cause more stress than one realises. Detoxing from excessive technology as well as making it a discipline to take time to meditate, breathe deeply and focus on eating healthy & exercise or even watching comedy movies with your loved ones can reduce stress.

This 70th Independence day, we at Yeldi have taken a vow to encourage everyone, starting with people in our office to try and define freedom in a personal context. At Yeldi offices we try to follow to the best of our capacities financial & professional freedom as well as freedom in relationships & to lead a stress free life. We hope everyone is able to do the same. Wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day.

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