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By Yeldi on August 9, 2016

5 cost effective means to advertise your store

You can always advertise or promote your store without spending a fortune. Some reasonable market strategies can make your store famous exactly the way you want it to be. The world of internet offers you a trillion options and so does the traditional in-store branding. A mix of strategies can effectively build your store, the way you want. Find where your target audience are. Figure out their age group and demographics and the best ways to reach them. The effectiveness of media must be decided to earnestly get your hands on promoting your store.

Get Started on Social

Social media is the easiest way to uplift your store as a brand. It is free, highly reachable, customised and doesn’t need many resources to run it. You can advertise your store on a trivial budget in a blinking. Get connected on Facebook, advertise through FB ads, sponsored ads and organic posts. Get connected to the right people with Twitter and LinkedIn.

Go Big with your In-store Branding

Creatively utilise your store spaces to brand your products and your store offerings. A similar example can be of Yeldi’s Lifestyle cards. (Product link). You can use kiosks, shopping cards to brand your store. Danglers and creatively done visual merchandising can also help.

Get your business cards delivered to your TG

A pretty reasonable way of connecting with your TG is through your business cards of your retail store. You can supply these cards to the other stores not doing a similar business. These worthy but reasonable practices give your store a unique selling edge on a very less cost.

Give demonstrations about your stores

You can opt to choose local places to advertise your stores. You can put mini displays about the offerings and can pass on some discount coupons to your customers. If your store is to do about a digital product, you can always go for demos to educational institutions and corporates, wherever you find a relevant target audience.

Craft your Website Content with Relevant SEO

SEO does require a plan and needs your time to manage and do well. Get your website ranking high with a planned SEO strategy. Search engine optimization is the discipline of lifting the ranking or visibility of your website. Retailers can positively affect SEO by crafting their website and content to focus on targeted and related keywords that potential customers may search.

Most importantly, check out our Folks app static & video ads which is an upcoming trend in mobile advertising. A static ad can be viewed when the screen is locked and a video ad during an incoming call. Interestingly, the customers get paid for viewing these ads. Get in touch with us to know more on how to go about with Folks app ads

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