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By Yeldi on August 4, 2017

August - A Month to Independence!

India got its Independence exactly 70 years ago – Aug 15th 1947! And yes, it was from the Britishers. We wanted our rights to govern our nation! After almost two centuries and generations of struggle, we finally got our Independence. Our generation needs to thank a lot of national leaders and selfless hearts as it is only because of them we breathe free air.

Although, we can’t be sure if our struggles as a nation have really ended. Recent years of corruption, money laundering, terrorist attacks, increasing crime rates and so on, makes us feel “are we truly independent”? We may be free from the hands and governance of Britishers’ but “are we as a nation stuck in limbo”?

There is no definite way we will ever be able to answer that question. But the truth is, times are changing. It’s changing more rapidly than ever before. There is more affirmation than deformation! More hope than despair! More love than hatred! More awareness than denial!

The recent examples are Demonetisation, Jallikattu Protest, GST inclusion, Bank Regulations etc. These are not just mere changes. These are changes that make or break a nation – that too a developing, highly populated, democratic nation such as ours! Just the thought & idea of implementing all this is truly remarkable and yet it has left a huge number of people suffering for a set-period.

Without taking sides on whether these changes are good or bad, let us look at this objectively! Change has happened and the consequences of those changes are inevitable. The best we can do at a time like this is, learn to tide over the hurdles and not cause permanent damages to our finances.

So, let’s consider this - Aug 15th 2017 is not just India’s Independence Day but more precisely - “India’s Financial Independence”. Some very quick changes in our household, lifestyle, etc. can help us move across in what is thought to be a crimp in our economy.

Moving to digital, buying from local farmers and grocers, cooking at home, meeting a qualified & good auditor, equipping oneself with knowledge about GST, etc. are some very quick and easy steps that will help you save money or close small gaps in your financial ship. Remember, it’s the small holes that sink the mighty ship!

Following good financial blogs, installing money tracking & budgeting apps, shopping from stores that give you higher rates of cash-back, etc. will put you in a better place.

Yeldi Folks - Tap and Pay

Not exactly advertising, but with a true intention of helping – Yeldi has developed a consumer product called Yeldi Folks. This helps you track budgets as well as puts a cap on monthly spending while giving cash-backs anywhere from 5% to 50% all year long on essentials / daily needs like fruits, vegetables, groceries, pharmacies and also on luxuries like salon & spa, restaurants, tattoo or piercing studios etc. It is easy to find stores with cash-back % and even more easy to Tap and Pay. The best part about Yeldi Folks is – YOU DON’T EVEN NEED A BANK ACCOUNT!

It's so convenient to transfer funds within the accounts of family members with zero charge, convert physical cash to digital cash at Cash Points without any extra charge and so on! Do you believe in the adage – “Right Place at the Right Time”? We believe that as a company we are at the Right Place at the Right Time. We have been given an opportunity to do our bit for the society and support people at a time like this. So, let’s take little steps towards our financial freedom and consider this Independence Day to be the start to everything!

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