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By Yeldi on July 19, 2017

Experience Sales all year round

Its baaack! The incessant advertising in the papers. The exasperating ‘advertisement waiting period’ before your favourite YouTube videos. The constant chats about the best sales during your coffee break. It’s Aadi and no one can miss it! Traditionally this festival celebrates the onset of the monsoon season after the terrible summer heat. Celebrated from mid July to mid August, this festival pays tribute to water's life-sustaining properties. The grueling heat of the summer months subsides as the rains start especially along the west coast of the country.

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Aadi has also been misconstrued as being inauspicious. It is believed that the six month period between Aadi to Marghazhi is night time for the Devas. Hence their blessings cannot be invoked. People hesitated to carry out marriages, house warming ceremonies, sacred thread ceremonies etc. Even a child conceived during this season was sympathised with since childbirth would be difficult in the hottest months of April – May. Since not many celebrations were going on, smart merchants and vendors who needed to make a living started offering large discounts. The lure of discounts tempted the public into shopping. As commercialisation took over and the age of media boomed, more and more discounts and coupons were being offered. Stores saw it as an opportunity to push off old stock and make way for the new. The public started putting aside money through the year so as to avail the best deals during Aadi sales.

However at Yeldi we believe that savings and discounts should be all year around especially when we cannot time when exactly the TV will conk or the kids will outgrow their dresses. Yeldi has partnered with many merchants across the Chennai city – from vegetable stores to stationery stores to even spa & hairstyling salons, to provide the best deals and Recash amounts. And since these offers are available all year round, one can be guaranteed on the quality & authenticity of the items.

So rather than hop from one sale to another, one can experience Aadi sale all year round with Yeldi.

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