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By Yeldi on July 14, 2017

Why India?

Why India? - Why not San Francisco?

If you have been following us, you will probably know that Yeldi is a Financial Technology firm and we work in the NFC space for payments. We also build, operate and transfer/moderate model for many businesses making us a unique payment solution. We make NFC cards, NFC tags, business solution softwares and so on. There was a time, when American Express wanted to acquire us, but with all due respect we denied the offer. Most big names in the Tech world have always asked us one question – “Why do you operate from India? Why not San Francisco? Why not London, Belgium or any other place?”

Yeldi Folks - Tap and Pay

The reason is quite simple - Yeldi is an Indian at heart! For people who know our company, know that we have developed the entire Yeldi ecosystem from scratch unlike some big banks or financial institutions that outsource major chunks of their work. In Yeldi we proudly say that it is ‘Handcrafted in India’ and we do not outsource any part of our ecosystem for Financial or Tech solutions. This makes us very unique. Of course, many geniuses around the world have contributed their wise knowledge in the development of Yeldi. Our R&D team worked hard for a minimum of 4 years and we can gladly claim that we are the 2nd second company in the world, to build an NFC phone - the first one being Google and the third one being Apple - Yes! We did outrun Steve Jobs!

What is so brilliant about all this you might ask? Well, it is simply that all our engineers come from humble beginnings! Each one is a genius in his own right. They are THE people behind this robust technology. It is widely believed by many Tech Folks around the world that this Indian, handcrafted system is one of the best in the Fin-Tech world. Yeldi has gained appreciation around the Globe as well. We might be hitting the market with our very first B2C product - Yeldi Folks, but we have been providing B2B solutions to Air India, renowned Restaurants, Hospitals, Theme Parks, Educational institutions and so on. So whether you are an individual or a company, do check us out on our social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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