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By Yeldi on June 22, 2017

Job versus Career

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between a job and a career? Most people believe that a job is something you simply do to earn money while a career is much more involved and planned. A job could be seen as a 9 to 5 activity whereas in wanting to advance a career, one is expected to go beyond the call of duty. In a career, networking opportunities could be much more when there is an intent to make connections and further one's opportunities. Also not to forget a drive to fuel one's learning.

Yeldi Folks - Tap and Pay

However all is not so black and white. Nowadays with so many different fields to explore, from being a TV anchor to a store owner to even the traditional strain of engineers, doctors and lawyers, people can keep changing jobs until they find the one that clicks. This doesn't mean that experience isn't gained or unhappiness prevails. Hence career can be redefined as a series of jobs. So whether you spend 35 years in the same company or change jobs every 2 years, what is important is the dedication and involvement one shows in the job while they are in it.

At Yeldi Softcom, we, a FinTech Startup Company believe that work needs to be a balance between productivity and fun. We are drawn to people who have the right attitude more than a perfect exam score. There is plenty of room for growth and in an area/field that will match personality and skill sets rather than degrees. We love to work with people who have defined goals in life, who know where they want to go and who can be honest about it with themselves and us.

So at the end of the day, we do not differentiate between a job and a career but use different metrics of evaluation - based on honesty and a willingness to learn.

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