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By Yeldi on June 16, 2017

Father and Daughter Duo

Jim Valvano once said, “My father gave me the greatest gift. He believed in me”. This defines my relationship with my father. My father always believes in me, respects my individuality, my character, my personality, and most of all my decisions. From my young age till now, if there is one thing that has greatly influenced who I am, it is him. My entrepreneurship, my love for people, my humility and to see all as an equal is all my dad’s trait.

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My Appa is and will remain my greatest motivation factor. To start a company with my dad, is the best decision I ever made. When it comes to business though, he has a different personality. He becomes my Chairman, and I am the CEO.

Business, according to both of us, is a way to contribute back to society, by adding value through our products and services. Looking back now, we were the first Chennai based Financial Technology company based on Near Field Communication(NFC). We are the pioneers in this technology, with its Research & Development starting from early 2008. Very proudly, all our development is Indian handcrafted and the entire technology which is well appreciated by renowned Tech Companies’ Head in the International Forums, is all Indian Made. My father, a Brand Builder, has several successful ventures to his credit. The risk and courage with which he moves and puts his stamp amazes me. Especially when I see him repeat the magic in NFC technology space – he is curious as a child and keeps learning to this day.

Above all this, he is a wonderful human being and I now notice that, as a parent I treat my daughter like how he treats me. I encourage her choice, I nurture her opinion, I respect her freedom. I am me because of my father.

Happy Father's Day, Appa!

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