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Give your Business the Yeldi Folks
Advantage and watch it grow!


It’s time to take your business to even greater heights!

Retailers like you are extremely keen to explore the Yeldi Folks program and why not? It gives you an edge over other non-Yeldi retailers and leads to more profits and customer loyalty. You have more opportunities to promote your store by pushing notifications through the Yeldi app. Works for you, doesn’t it?


A Community Builder Card to gain Customer Loyalty

An extra something always wins customers. A bonus credit at end of every month will bond them to you! Loyal customers will also spread a good word resulting in more business.


More Business,
More Commission

It’s great that you can earn a commission every time you top-up a customer’s Folks card. The next best thing is that you can keep a close check on your sales transactions too.


Bridge the gap between you and large format stores

Sign up for the Yeldi Folks program without any big investments. Now you too can offer meaningful prices without influencing your profit margins. Our analytics will help you understand your customer better and help you increase your share of wallet in the customer's monthly spends.

Elevate your profits
with the Yeldi Ecosystem

Use your Yeldi Aura as a multi-functional, NFC-enabled smartphone. Process up to 40 offline transactions a minute. Reach out to your customers in the trendiest ways.

profits_1 Get the Yeldi Folks Advantage now

How would you
like to Engage with us?

You could associate with us in 3 beneficial ways.

Load Only
Load & Pay
Pay Only

Purchase Yeldi Aura

Get 300 / 500 Yeldi Folks cards

Resell them to your customers

Pay an advance amount to top-up customers’ cards

Earn commission on every transaction

When the advance runs low, replenish by cheque or online banking

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