Billing Solution for Retail Stores

Simplify your
Retail Management

Simpler the better. Isn’t it? Dedicate your priceless time to manage your store quality, leave the billing solution to us.


Complete Information Management
for Hassle-Free Experiences

Facilitate high-level interaction in educational institutes,
workplaces & restaurants with Yeldi Business Solutions.

Yeldi Business Solutions organizes well and that’s about it. From every piece of vital information in a school, workplace or a restaurant, it manages a zillion things like a magic wand. Be it the tiniest piece of information you need, you have it. Organize everything you have in a single place now. No more missing information, no more gaps.


Billing Solution for Retail Stores

Managing everyday sales in retail outlets is challenging. With the digital billing solutions by Yeldi, billing is centralized. This automation helps in allocating loyalty points to customers. Issuing of loyalty cards and cash back also happens in a one step process.

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Understand Your Sales Pattern
Like Never Before

Figuring out the profit margins is just not enough, probe deeper into precise breakdowns. With Yeldi Billing Solution for Restaurants and the analytics tool, understand the sales generated by products, offers, demographics, etc. Work on the best-selling points like your top selling products and increase your profit margins even more.


Brings In More Customer Loyalty

Loyalty increases with increasing discounts. Isn’t it? With the Yeldi lifestyle card, your customers enjoy 10% additional credit with some more surprise discounts from your end. Live a closely knit bond with your customers.


Make your Store Famous
with the Yeldi App

Publicize your store by running ads through the Yeldi app. You can interact real time with your customers for various services. Send instant notifications about the concerned service and the billing associated with it.