Near Field Communication handsets

Know about NFC

A contactless set of communication protocols that allows electronic exchange of data between two devices, such as a smartphone when placed in proximity.


Find out how NFC works

NFC is a short-range, low power wireless communication which evolved from radio-frequency identification (RFID) tech. It transfers small amount of data between two devices held a few centimetres away from each other.


Know how NFC enhances your Lifestyle

Your NFC-enabled device acts like your digital wallet, giving you the access to tickets, bills, payments, mobile recharges etc. The digital era of today simplifies things for you with technology like NFC. You can just tap your NFC card on another NFC Aura for payments.


Yeldi works on NFC,
know how it matters to You

Yeldi works on NFC-enabled cards that will help you get through big queues in a jiffy. Right from everyday shopping needs to restaurants you eat at, Yeldi cards are a great choice.

For payments, just tap on the retailer’s Yeldi NFC Aura . It processes up to offline 40 transactions per minute. The NFC Aura can effortlessly read the balance and top-up or debit the card.


Yeldi NFC Ecosystem amplifies
your Business, Explore More

The Yeldi NFC Aura will let you interact with your customers through the Yeldi app. You can improvise on your functioning and price-positioning as well. A bigger customer base will add to your increasing business every day.


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