About Yeldi Softcom Private Limited

Yeldi Softcom Private Limited

Yeldi was originally conceived as a NFC-technology company. While product development started in 2008, Yeldi’s commercial operations started only in mid-2015. In the interim period, Yeldi’s core product development team consulted various technology experts based out of US, UK, France and China. It would be interesting to note that Yeldi has developed its core NFC technology in association with NXP Semiconductors, the Netherlands headquartered pioneer of NFC technology.

Yeldi NFC Ecosystem


NFC Aura

Yeldi Aura are manufactured by globally renowned manufacturers. The phone is highly secure and comes with both a SAM and centrally controlled OTA. Which means security patches and software updates could be managed both remotely and centrally.


NFC Card

Yeldi contactless cards were developed in association with NXP Semiconductors. The card is designed to handle multi-tenant, versatile variety of payment and security access applications. If required, your customers could also be issued alternate form factors like Keychains, Tokens, etc.


Backend Infrastructure

Yeldi robust backend infrastructure is based at the country’s largest datacentre and has been built to handle large transaction volumes expected in the near future.


Mobile App

The mobile app will be customised for every customer. The app will allow customers to place orders or schedule appointments, check the latest offers, view past transactions, etc.

Today, Yeldi is going through a very interesting phase. It is on the anvil of launching several unique products with a wide variety of applications. Some of them being:


Prepaid Payment Systems in association with Banks (AXIS Bank in India, NDB Bank in Sri Lanka to name a few)


Customer Loyalty programs for all kinds of retail businesses like F&B Outlets, Convenience Stores, Multiplexes, Beauty Parlours, Apparel Stores, etc.


Secure Access solutions for residential enclaves, townships, condominiums, etc.


An app-based payment solution that will replace one’s plastic forms of money


Highly secure NFC Aura for both Corporates and Consumers


SaaS Billing and Management solutions for Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Academic Institutions, Corporate Companies, etc.

Yeldi long-term strategy is to unify all its card holders through a sustained approach so that they could use their cards to pay at just any retail outlet – therefore resulting in a ‘One card does it all’ market situation.

The long-term vision of
Yeldi is in three distinct directions.

To build a global product brand from Chennai,
where it is currently headquartered.

To be the most preferred payment instrument in
the future.

To be an organisation where every employee discovers his potential and achieves it.